TWC Programs and Services

Wage Clinic
Through the wage clinic, TWC conducts workers rights consultations and assist workers in assessing their options in recovering wages. We organize workers to take collective action, file legal claims, and win stolen wages back from employer.

Workers Tea
TWC hosts a monthly Workers Tea, bringing together our membership and the larger Chinatown community to discuss issues impacting workers and immigrant families, CPA's current work, and further opportunities for skills building and grassroots leadership development.

The Hospitality and Vocational Training (HVT) program was started in 2006 in partnership with the City College of San Francisco’s ESL program and Chinese for Affirmative Action. Through the program, participants study vocational English, learn about the hospitality and service industry, develop interview skills, and receive assistance in crafting their resumes and applying for jobs. The aim is for Chinese immigrant workers to enter the hospitality industry, which offers stable employment and livable wages.

SRO Families
Through SRO Families Collaborative, CPA in partnership with CCDC, works to develop the leadership of SRO Organizers to conduct home visits, facilitate workshops, and advocate for the well-being of SRO families. Additionally, SRO Organizers and the SRO Families Collaborate work to advocate for accessible and attainable affordable housing.

SRO Fire Prevention
As further part of our efforts to maintain the safety of SRO families and tenants, CPA facilitates fire prevention workshops in SRO buildings. SRO residents are taught fire prevention tactics and steps to take in the case of an emergency.

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